Residential & Commercial Solar Installation and Service

Alternative Power Solutions, Inc. is a full-time, licensed and insured solar electric dealer and installer, since 2002. Electrical solar systems is all we do. We've installed over 2.2 megawatts of grid-tied solar power throughout the Mother Lode region of California. We offer full service installations, handling all the aspects of your solar system, including installation, securing available rebates and local building permits.

We are your solar system professionals. If your system requires service, we are here for you. We have many local referrals from our Community. We also offer competitive financing partnerships. Submit your request for an onsite solar assessment either on this website or call us to get more information on installing a solar system and creating sustainability within your energy budget.

Join us for a career in solar! Alternative Power Solutions, Inc. (APS Solar), Tuolumne County’s premier solar integrator, is seeking to grow our installation team and currently has an opening for an installation lead. Experience with photovoltaic systems is a plus but not a requirement. The position is based out of our Sonora, California office.

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PGE Meter

Spin Your PG&E Meter Backwards!

Your APS Solar Installation starts paying for itself the moment it comes online. By tying into the local power grid, you can not only provide power for your own home or business, but take a credit from the power company when you are generating more than you are using.
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APS is powered by the sun

APS' Own Solar System

APS is now 100% Powered by the Sun! See what our very own system is producing right now. Use the "How Solar Works" or "Graph" functions to view APS's Solar System performance over time. Monitoring systems give both the user and the installer the information needed to assess system performance. Additionally since most monitoring systems are web-based, you can check your system performance from anywhere.
SolarEdge Monitoring

SolarEdge Monitoring System

Take a look at this APS customer, located in Sonora, CA.. The SolarEdge System allows each panel to be individually monitored. It also shows system performance over time for each panel, as well as the system as a whole. Systems based on this architecture are the most tolerant of shading on panels, maximizing performance when localized shading is a factor. See it in action (opens a new window).

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The Most Experienced Solar Provider in the Mother Lode

APS Solar is the leading local installer in the Mother Lode. Since 2002 we have installed over 280 systems in Tuolumne County, over 330 systems total.

Unbeatable Warranty

Not only is the entire system covered under a parts and labor warranty for a full 10 years but the solar panels which represent the majority of your system investment are warranted for a 25 years! Our manufacturers are so confident in the performance of their solar panel they are guaranteed to output at least 80% of their rated power for a full 25 years from the date of purchase or they will be replaced at no charge.
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